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Dale McCarthy communicates with animals

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Do you want to know more about your pet? Do you think you have a great connection but want to understand or know what it is thinking, why it behaves a certain way or if it's happy? An Animal Communication session can answer many of the questions or concerns you might have about your animal.

Quite often, we wish we could communicate with our pet(s) to find out what they are thinking, or to discuss health and behaviour issues. What a lot of people don’t realize is that our pets are in constant communication with us. Most are just not attuned to know what the animals are thinking, even though they definitely know what is going on with us. Of course, barking, wagging and meowing are a few major forms that we acknowledge but there is so much more that they are telling us that we don’t recognize or understand.

Cats, dogs and horses can so easily pick up things from us – our emotions, happenings in our lives, or issues we might have. In some circumstances these can affect the animal as they “take on” things for us. In conversation with your animal, you can learn to make any necessary changes, and involve them in your life in a different manner. I can translate so that your pet can provide information on themselves as well as giving details on your personality traits and perceptions.

Conversations with your pet can reveal the following:


A session can either be an appointment in person with your pet, or by sending me a photograph via email or mail and do the session by phone call, email or Skype. The only information I require is your pet’s name, breed, age and sex. It is better to not have details of problems or issues as it might be your perspective not theirs. (But, if it is a session that is not in person then send a list of questions that you would like to ask.)

The night before I session, I ask that you talk to your animal and give it permission to communicate with me, so that it can know that it is okay to provide any information it wants to share as well as answering any questions you may have. Once the intention is made, the communication can begin as I do my own type of permission as well to talk to the pet. I usually receive some thoughts from the animal prior to the session to confirm that we are connected. I start the session with the written notes from what the animal has told me and then we go to any questions the owner might have.

The animals let me know that I’ve connected with the right one by giving me some of their personality traits, visual of themselves, signs and or information. Before a session with a cat, I had the feeling of nasal problems. When I met the cat, one of the first questions from the owner was what to do about his sneezing and wheezing. For one of the horses that was from Massachusetts, when the request was made, I got the visualization that he had a white blaze on his nose and white “socks” on his legs. For Gimley, a cute little dog, before the session, I had this urge to wag my butt, and go back and forth on the couch looking outside to see what was happening – which I found out is something Gimley does at home on the living room sofa. This just helps to let me know that I’ve connected with your animal and they are ready and willing to talk!

After the session, I type up all the notes and email them to the owner, so you'll have all the information from what I get from the animal before and during the session.


Most animals think they are communicating with us through their eyes, tails, sounds as well as by things they do. Look for signs such as behaviour changes to see if anything is going on. Also, communicate with them as you would with any other human. They pick up your thoughts as well as verbal messages. Include your animal in any family decisions/discussions that will effect them such as moving, new flooring, another child or pet and so on. The more you do with them, the more you will get in return.


Injuries or illness

Bryn – A lame horse with no apparent reason. The owner had Bryn up for sale and was very upset about having to sell her and also wasn’t sure about the woman that was considering buying the horse. These sentiments came through to Bryn who blocked the sale by not being sound. When the owner changed her thoughts and realized it was her that was causing the problem, the injury went away and an excellent new buyer came to purchase the horse. When Bryn was with her new owner, the previous one was having issues with how things were going. In a “distance” session, Bryn let her know that she was happy and the guilt was her own as she was worried that Bryn would like her new owner better. Bryn let her know that it is possible to love and care for more than one person at a time – they can all be different, but still deep and caring. It doesn’t leave nor is one better than another.

Gimley – Gimley was limping, but there was uncertainty about what had caused it, or where it was. The session informed us that he had jammed his leg and the best option to fix it would be seeing an animal chiropractor

Taking on issues

Marvin is a wonderful, docile cat started to go in to the washroom and start howling. I found out that his owner’s mother had died and she wasn’t dealing with the grief well – she was very self contained – so in order to relieve her of some of her anguish, Marvin would go in to a secluded area of the house and try to release it on her behalf.

Beau & Bell - Beau was having food digestive problems and was a very nervous dog. When meeting with the two the them, it was fantastic to see that the dogs had taken on the roles of their owners but in reverse. The female was the husband in the human relationship, and the male the wife. It was interesting seeing how the stress on the wife regarding a new house, renovations, a new baby and organizing it all, was effecting the dog’s nervous system. The solutions was to get rid of some of the unnecessary stresses in all of their lives.

Part of the family

A session with a cat that was having back spasms was explained with why butt another cute thing that came from the cat was that he felt the “owners” needed to learn to be a little more authoritative before they considered being parents. He felt that they weren’t tough enough or strong enough so needed to crank up that otherwise any child would have total control of them

A single man who was known as a “player” was not capable of having a committed relationship with any one girl, but he had a beautiful golden retriever in his life that he loved and adored. The dog was ill for quite a while but held on until his owner finally fell in love, at which point the dog felt comfortable to leave this life.


When I book a session, all I want is the name, age, breed and sex of the pet. I don’t want any other details as I do get information from the animal before the session starts – which they give me insight in to their personality and their perspective of what is going on. I get these through writing down the thoughts I get from the pet.

Here are some examples of information that the pet gave me prior to meeting:

Vienna - 20 year old Warmblood horse

The owner’s first question for me was does she have a problem with her mouth as when she puts on her bridle, it seems to hurt the horse.

Angel – 6 year old Persian cat

The owner’s questions were related to Angel’s meanness which was basically answered before the session started.

Miss Tilda and Kassie – unknown breeds and approx 3 and 2 years old

After reviewing the cats information they gave me, the owner told me he had just recently adopted the two cats from a shelter and wanted to know why there wasn’t a connection with them. This was their third or fourth home that they had been taken too.

Brooklyn – 3 year old ½ rottweiler and ½ weimaraner

Owners wanted to know how to deal with her uncontrollable behaviour – jumping, pushing in to etc. Brooklyn let me know beforehand that she didn’t want to be that way and how to deal with her.

Leroy – 6 year old miniature poodle that was adopted at 18 months

The owners question was, what was Leroy’s life like before he came to live with them. I found out that the owner got him from the vet as he was there because the previous owners had bought him to breed to make money and when that hadn’t happened, they wanted him put down. So, the info he gave me explains what he went through.


Max – 7 year old poodle cross & Ben – 5 year old sitsu

Why does one or both of them pee whenever we are out of the house?

Yes, there was a break in to their house about 6 months ago which was when the peeing started!

Terry the terrier (via phone – photo was sent by email and session was done a phone call)

The owner was told by the vet, family and friends that it was time to let the dog go, but she just couldn’t do it so needed to know what he thought and wanted: