Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Everything on this planet has an energy, whether it is a solid item such as a desk, or what we conceive as "alive", such as a person or animal. Every item or thing has a “vibrational energy”, and many individuals, such as psychics and healers, are able to use their intuitive abilities to work on these different vibrational levels to work with individuals to help with issues, illnesses and also communicate with people that have passed on.

We all have intuition, but as we grow up we lose or let go of our extra perceptions as they don’t fit in to society's paradigm, or we don’t trust it. Everyone has intuitive abilities of some sort, but in most cases we have ignored or shut them down.

I, like many others, have tapped in to and trust these intuitive skills to deal with things that are beyond the norm. I have been given this gift of working at a higher vibrational level which enables me to channel and converse with other entities. Using me as a conduit, it is possible for you to communicate with your spirit guides in order to understand their connection with you.

Animals also function on a different level, and have found ways to communicate with us such as wagging, barking, growling or other behaviours, so that we might understand what they are trying to get across. Humans might understand the “normal” patterns, but don’t necessarily receive everything the animal is sharing and wants to say. I am fortunate to have the skills to communicate with animals through words, pictures, feelings, behaviours and symptoms, which I can share with their owner so that they can have a better understanding of their pet. This ability to interpret and relay information will answer any questions or concerns you might have about your pet.

What is an “animal communicator” ?

You might have heard animal communicators referred to as Horse Whisperers, Pet Psychics, Animal Analysts or a variety of different terms. We are different than a trainer or behaviourist as they deal with teaching the animal correct habits and social skills, rather than the personality of the animal. Basically, it is a person that has the ability to communicate and get the thoughts and information to and from an animal – cats, dogs and horses being the ones that I work with the most often.

Can you tell me if my pet wants or needs something in its life?

Your pet will tell you whatever you want to know, to the best of its ability. They will let you know of any ailment or injury, whether they are happy in their situation, the reason behind a behaviour, their personality and information regarding you, their owner, such as anything that might be going on in your life. They will tell what is most important to them and answer your questions.

Is my pet still around me once it has passed on?

Of course, once a pet has had to leave this earth for whatever reason, they are still around you at all times. The neatest thing is that the animal will usually assist you in whatever comes next – such as getting a new pet. It is possible to communicate with pets that have passed on and get information from them.

Does everyone have Spirit Guides around them?

Yes, everyone has guides that are with them all the time. It can vary for each person as to the number we have surrounding us and can even change over the years depending on what is going on in our life. Some will come and go similar to when we have friends at certain times in our lives.

Can I connect with my guides on my own?

Your guides are with you to help you throughout your life. You do have the ability to connect with them and to ask for their support in whatever you need. The best time to do this is before you go to bed as when you sleep, your subconscious takes over and allows your mind to be more “accepting”. Ask for whatever you’d like assistance with and be open to whatever signs they give you with answers.