A session with your own spirit guides can answer many of the questions you might have.


All of us have intuition but either don't use or trust it enough. Others have been able to develop theirs into more intuitive powers such as psychic work or healing abilities. I have been given the gift of working at a higher vibrational level which enables me to channel and converse with other entities. As a conduit, it is possible for me to communicate with your spirit guides in order to understand their connection with you.


Most people have heard of the term "guardian angel" and sometimes feel that energy around them.  The exciting fact is that each of us do have our own spirit guides who assist us in our life. Although they are always with us, most of us don't know they exist or only have a vague sense of their presence around us. Guides are not our dead relatives but actually know us from previous incarnations and have a depth of understanding and perspective on our lives that is truly amazing. Guides have evolved beyond life on this plane and have no need or desire to return to a physical body but wish to still be with us in some way in this lifetime, because of their strong bond with us.

Our guides are with us to help us with the tasks that we set to fulfill before beginning this life. These promises, although we are not conscious of them, are the driving purpose of our time on earth. Guides are most concerned with our soul's promises and can assist us in making best use of our time here and can provide information that can initiate and shift the blueprint of who you are. Usually, guides provide direction in ways that are less obvious:  through dreams, hunches or coincidences that shape the choices we make. However, our guides want to communicate with us more directly and welcome the chance to speak through a channel.

Each session is unique as it is determined by what your guides feel is relevant to you at the time. The session commences with me closing my eyes and entering a relaxed state. They use my voice to converse and sometimes body movements to express themselves to you. Usually the guides will begin by speaking to you about your personality and whom you are to them and then discuss where you feel you are in your life and how to make changes as well as answers to any questions you may have. The session ends when they feel they have said enough and have fulfilled everything you need at that time.

The conversation with your guides is not like fortune telling or psychic readings. Guides will not tell you what your future brings because the directions of your life are up to you. They can tell you about the possibilities and tendencies and give you advice on how to choose. You can talk with them as you would a friend. This is a very special experience as you guides know and love you as you are and wish only to help you grown and reach your potential. Their messages are supportive and loving at all times.

The session is great for people that are open for change and transformation as it a beautiful experience that can initiate a shift in your life and perceptions.